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HOA Syndrome

Why do you watch movies?

Dr. Gary Solomon would suggest watching movies for their therapeutic value.  Dr. Solomon, aka The Movie Doctor®, was the first to coin the term ‘Cinematherapy'®.  Dr. Solomon was the first to write on the topic of using movies as therapy.  Check out his books on the topic of Cinematherapy®:

The Motion Picture Prescription®
Reel Therapy®

Going through a divorce?  Watch War of the Roses or The Way We Were: See what can happen when communication is lost or your relationship becomes divided because of differences in the philosophy of life, raising children, money, or maybe sex.  Watch as these relationships degenerate over time.

Using drugs or do you know someone who is using drugs?  Clean and Sober or The Lady Sings the Blues: Watch how insidious drugs and alcohol can be.  Notice the change in the user’s behavior and appearance.  Watch how the drugs take over the user and how the drug use affects the user’s family, friends, loved ones, and co-workers.  The drug becomes more important than anything else in the user’s life.

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