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HOA Syndrome

Books and Plays Written by Dr. Gary Solomon

General Psychology Text Book -- FREE BOOK

Why Is Brian So Fat? -- FREE BOOK

Abnormal Psychology Text Book -- FREE BOOK

The Word Conundrum Joke Booklet -- FREE BOOK

Cannabals and Headhunters-- FREE BOOK

Phobia Quiz Book-- FREE BOOK

Boxcar-- FREE BOOK

The Complete Totally Comprehensive Politically Correct Joke Book-- FREE BOOK

Postcards from Paradise-- FREE BOOK

The Story of Samantha Lynn-- FREE BOOK

The Motion Picture Prescription®: watch this movie and call me in the morning

The Motion Picture Prescription

From time to time we are left dazed and confused, clueless about how to be triumphant when confronted with the challenging moments of our lives.  Enter Gary Solomon, aka The Movie Doctor®. His book is the first of its kind with a listing of healing stories from the movies. We can see how the right story can show us how others coped, and help us heal. Here is an easy-to-use, comprehensive healing guide to help you, your family, and your friends, resolve problems-everything from addictions, abuse, stalking, money, abandonment, alienation, bigotry, marital conflict, adoption, sex, physical illness, and much, much more.  Open the pages and get a glimpse of the healing magic that movies can bring!

Reel Therapy®: how movies inspire you to overcome life’s problems

Reel Therapy

Who needs a therapist’s couch when you can sit in the comfort of your living room and watch the movies recommended by Dr. Gary Solomon.  America’s leading cinematherapist. In Reel Therapy®, Dr. Solomon-The Movie Doctor®-prescribes specific movies for you to watch in order to help you deal with all of life’s emotional problems.From tearjerkers like Brian’s Song to dysfunctional family dramas like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Reel Therapy® takes the reader on a therapeutic journey to the heart of cinema’s healing powers. Complete with cast credits, movie reviews, and psychological analyses, Reel Therapy® will help you enjoy film on a completely different level. So if you’re looking for an emotional escape or a few larger-than-life characters to empathize with, just pop in one of Dr. Solomon’s ‘prescriptions’ and take in what any given movie has to offer.

Cinemaparenting®: using movies to teach life’s most important lessons


Stop using movies as mere baby-sitters!  Instead, show age-appropriate movies to promote the emotional, social and intellectual growth of your children. Cinemaparenting® opens the vast panorama of movie themes and lessons to children (and the adults who nurture and teach them), stimulating examination of some of life’s most important issues. This innovative book empowers you to:

    • Help children clarify their values and learn right from wrong.
    • Link movie themes and plots to real issues in children’s lives, such as teasing, cheating, love, money, friendship, alcohol and drugs.
    • Reduce communication barriers and promote open, honest discussions with your children.
    • Teach valuable life lessons and deepen family intimacy in the context of entertainment.
    • Explore topics such as adoption, divorce, violence, sadness, dreams, goals, lying, family relocation, and coming of age.
    • Discuss sex and other difficult subjects with ease and honesty.
    • Discuss how and why kids identify with certain movie characters.

Each ‘movie page’ includes all pertinent production data, along with a short synopsis of the plot, Dr. Solomon’s analysis of movie’s primary themes, and a list of questions to help you lead a fruitful family discussion.

A Ballad for Allison Porter – A Novel

In twelve hours Allison Porter will be executed for the brutal murders of her next door neighbors. Allison has not said a word to anyone since the day of her arrest. When news reporter, Kevin Pratt, is assigned to interview the taciturn Allison Porter, astonishingly,she opens up to him. Kevin leaves the interview determined to uncover the life of the real Allison Porter. Reaching Allison’s vacant home, Kevin finds his way to a dark closet in Allison’s childhood bedroom.  Finding an old shoe box filled with miscellaneous keepsakes, Kevin picks through the pieces of memorabilia. As he touches each item in the box he flashes back to Allison’s past.  Before the day is through Allison Porter will be dead and Kevin Pratt will vow to keep her memory alive in A Ballad for Allison Porter.

Why is Brian so Fat?

Why is Brian so Fat

This is a story about Brian. Brian is like most children and yet he is different from a lot of children. The truth is Brian is fat. He is fat because he eats too much. And he eats too much because that’s how he deals with his feelings. Brian has lots of feelings about his family and most of those feelings he’s not aware of having. Brian’s family is basically the same as every other family, at least that’s the way it would seem. Maybe after reading this story about Brian and his family you can see what’s different about Brian and his family and you can understand why Brian is so fat.

A Psychiatric Diagnosis Primer: an easy guide to identifying psychiatric illness

A Psychiatric Diagnosis Primer

Mental illness accounts for an untold loss of business and personal income, marital, disillusionment, school attrition, and physical harm, including death. In spite of the world wide pervasive nature of mental illness, few have any idea how to identify and categorize these psychiatric problems in our environment. Additionally, once the psychological problem is recognized, confronting and treating the individual with presenting mental health issue(s) is often overlooked.

A Psychiatric Diagnosis Primer is the first book of its type written for non-psychiatric medical professionals, therapists, attorneys, employers, teachers, students, parents, etc., to assist them in identifying and taking action relating to problem presentations of mental illness. The book is designed to assist individuals and groups with the quick identification of mental illness. Additionally, the book supplies the reader with instant information on how and where to seek support for those who may be suffering from a mental health problem.

Cannibals and Headhunters-A Play

When Dr. Ross, an eminent psychotherapist, misses a key message sent by one of his patients who ultimately commits suicide, Dr. Ross becomes a psychiatric patient himself.  On the road of his self-disclosure he is confronted by the demons of his past.